2000 kids handling AK-47 in Malkanagiri – Why against Leninism?

That is 2000 kids…and they are trained against Fascism, Leninism….And they know how to handle land mines. This is in an area where population is small, lot of jungles…In Andra-Odisha border. They are trained by a guy Ramanna from Andhra Pradesh. In AP, 14 year kids had slaughtered police in a market.

Amartya Sen can entice to march a brigade strength of sociology, welfare economics, history and English professors from Bengal, JNU and London to justify Maoism is an instantaneous phenomena when it comes to hindus. However :

There needs to be an understanding of why these people are against Leninism – The old communists ? I think that also gives a clue why the communists – who supported all along these Maoists – are being attacked by the agile Maoists in WB. – By implication, one could wonder whether Budhadeb Bhatacharya’s ridiculous poems [ I am not sure if he wrote them, but I can see some condescending and egoistic literature created by Budha ] are ready for being dumped.

In my understanding, it is yet another attempt by the marxists to take power through what they call a revisionism. They disagreed with soviet union, after it was no more viable to recruit people in the name of soviet union. The Maoist doctrine is a different war strategy, that wants to fight simultaneously from many places…starting from rural and easy areas.

Its bottom -up approach means that it would assault some middle class communists in west Bengal too…before defecting them in large scale.


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