Maoist propaganda


This newspaper used to be managed by people identifying as Gandhians…Nice people, just that independent people, they had pride in their own power. Gandhians from delhi nominally controlled them. At some point during BJP rule, these Gandhians …who were mostly migrated people from Pakisthan, Bangladesh…and gossip mongers from delhi, were inflitrated by the international communists, and they some how staked a higher morality. It was filtered down to Gandghian trusts…they didn’t have qualification or experience to understand it. For sometime, they were respected by the communists, people sounding rational and modern. Now it is out of control…We have unknown people from different states are able to publish propaganda in mainstream press….

Here is the crux of one article with Killer of Nepal – Prachands photo in it.

  • Indian signing campaign is considered a criminal act- “Inspite of the India signing campaign” – BJP forgot to get out of the WTO – that is what against the people
  • So the anti-WTO crowd were the people who recruited thousands of professors…news editors and did what they do best – corrupted the whole institutions.

      Does this India signing merely says that Indians are not able to sign except for socialism.
  • Communists oppose foreign investment….It is important to note that they are arguing against foreign investment to the people of Ohio…They say jobs are qoing away
  • Truth of the matter is probably marxists want to control economic activity.

  • As usual history…Some king in Rajsthan apparently didn’t take care of the tribals…and how hindus have been revolting against hindu kings for not taking care of poor people
  • There argument here is to claim that people can give up their culture because Maoists can feed them right now…That is after taking control of economic activities.

    The above are putting some of the maoist argument simplified, to understand them better. So far we don’t know who are these maoists….they operate as sickular hindus, and I think most of them are bribed by the power.

    If this is about a message, then I think a refutation of the above messages is necessary. Unfortunately, there is something else than this messages only.

    One thing I found out is Liberation Theology . This kind of means, that one can have the activists as messiahs. This is where the church and maoists go together.
    Communists had fixation with the controlling the economy…they did it with their fixation for poor. One more thing has been evolved it to take it into maoist control.

    The big question is how could one understand these people who lie blatantly – For example they slaughtered people in medinapore, and the above article says maoism is lesser in WB.

      But the answer seems pretty easy too

    …these are message driven people….To analyze these people ads quantum or in terms of multiple spaces is the a practical mistake, it gets messy…. One got to track their messages…only Mahatmas can track and be immune to their ossified spaces…The f****** Gandhian mislead us here…they were ordinary people, sometimes Macaulayites searching for an identity in face of attack on hindus…but they pretended as of Mahatmas. This seems to be a reason why the people of multiple spaces in prophet driven systems need to be avoided.

    Jai Sri Rama.


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