A Pervert thinks his father was perverted by Satan

Well, even pagan religions have some elements of original truth even though that original truth may have been perverted by Satan (the Devil). Satan is a copy cat.

The above by Mr Rangarajan, at the age of 14, he was ambitious enough to dissociate from love he got from his childhood milieu , the fascination of powerful and informed people of church was enough for him to put a public covering on his childhood ideas .The new identity required him to declare that:- “ he received the Lord Jesus Christand that straight “into his heart” . This is a time, when powerful Madras church was engaged in gaining political influence and converts…by slandering and assaulting the hindus through stories of race and skull measurement .

Here, A 14 year old child receive something called “christ”, that into something called a “Heart” ? Does this actually mean a 14 year old was brainwashed by the church as one more prize of conversion ? Did his heart actually receive rather the condescension of wealthy , Did his heart receive aspiration of closeness to west and white ? Was he inspired by a new community…Ranganathan doesn’t say all these changes…

Years later Ranganathan does BA in Bob Zones, USA, probably goes through Christian heirachy and vast properties and influence they possess…and then he probably copies concepts from his fathers religion to give explanation to church going public …stuff his father may have explained him in his childhood . But he copies concepts without any grace, he says “pagan religions have some elements of original truth ” and goes on to add Satan is a copy cat” … probably correctly.

Days are gone when Max Mueller got racism into India using the imperial power…Now Ranganathan is using “new age” ( call it pagan) doctrine in attempting to re-explain Christianity to its global population …. Instead of the historical jesus of rationality..he is trying to explain the trinity….

Even though the word “Trinity” is not found in the Bible the meaning is there in Scripture. Just because a word is not found in Scripture doesn’t mean the meaning of that word is not there. For example, the word “theocracy” is not found in Scripture but its meaning exists in Scripture since Israel in the Old Testament was a theocracy which means a nation ruled by God.

So Bible doesn’t say anything about Trinity…and this guy compares this grand omission to ommission of a political word theocracy….! Ranganathan doesn’t say what he learnt in his childhood though…

The Bible teaches that the Devil is a master at such tactics. The pure, unperverted, and uncorrupted truth of the Trinity, however, is found only in the Christian Scriptures.“- Churchians are happy when Ranganathan provides them hatredness to worship…He implies The hindu is work of Satan….

  • But could the church instead be Satanic ?

Could the church be devil, a bunch of controlling authorities appropriating gods of Rome, and could this concept of trinity was as popular in pre-christian era as it is in hinduism ?

  • Could the trinity explanation Ranganathan giving copied from Hinduism ? Something he had in his mind until age of 14 ? Through culture of his parents and grand parents ? Are there other related questions, that he would copy again in future ….
  • Ranganathan says Christ is eternal…But in 19th century europe christ was historical…the universe started around 4000BCE, they had these issues of millenniums…A top european,top western/modern philosopher… who knew logical arguments and probably some practices of hinduism, had raised the idea of eternity in 19th century …which was opposed by the then Germans.

Could Ranganathan be copying the “new-age” explanations of Bible ? he says “Devil is a master at such tactics”

  • Historical in Christian time range of the universe was starting from 4000BCE( Hindus had age of the universe in 12 or 14 digit number) . The colonial Indian story of races, usually start from an Aryan invasion theory of 1000 BCE. Western influenced sickular historians ridicules the hindu description of an older civilization, where Mahabharat was dated to approx 3000BCE, because they stuck to the colonial description. Hinduism was described through biblical races. The end or apocalypse(?) was anticipated at millenniums ? Therefore Such ideas as eternity of time, was opposed by 19th century Europeans, the time when it was proposed..

    Ranganathan may not have gone through all these fraud of so called conversion, if 19th century christians could have understood the presence of eternity…There they would have an opening to understand Hinduism better, and they wouldn’t have attempted to destroy the Brahmins using colonial power. [ Pakisthan is eligible for a religious state , but not a state based on hinduism…because for the then imperial christians, a 2 dollar book and an imaginary historical prophet was required for certification of political religiousness…These barbrians found such attributes in Muslim and mistook the community as religion. They made a seckular state that described hindus according to MaxMueller’s perversion ! They turned blind eye when hindus were driven out from Pakisthan, Bangaladesh…and idiots in harvard university support our racial description] …

How can Ranganathan copy hindu ideas and then slander hindus as satans ? I think these missionaries are Scum. These perverts want an easy and respectable way to control over the population. The so called Satan has over taken them.



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