The Nepalese Maoist Video

It has been so wrong to trust these socialists, gandhians and anglicized people.

This is a video from Nepal…I could something wrong there in 2000s, when they managed to block a Hritik Roshan Movie. The media lied, cajoled…cheated the people…None of the anglicized folks, sociologists, historians, political scientists – paid by the state – told the nepalese the issues with communist govt. Instead most of these people, went to get appreciation from Cambridge and Amartya Send.

The socialist anglicized govt is helping the socialists. They wouldn’t be alerted unless a credible socialist or Gandhian opposes. It is different that, association with radical who threw bombs to police in 1960s makes somebody unelectable in US. We have here maoists who rule us.

Updt: At a different place, here is another explanation. The leader of Bolivia thinks it is capitalism which results in not worshiping mother earth. He is a leftist ally. The fact is, the socialism is based on industrial logic – if it destroyed less environment, thats because it was enough for the socialist state to control the people and get the power.

Updt: I think I understand what it means when Marx calls the peasants as sack patatoes…In this case the behaviour dished out can be compared with the Neheruvian Macaulayite elites…These people were least concerned about the poor and viilage man. They destroyed villages for vote. They had contempt, because those people are contemptuous. How did we miss it…Most of the educated people got addicted to bear, chicken and that arrogance of Neheruvianism…they called it modernity…They actually faked as if they loved…How could they explain their lie and deception when 12,000 in nepal died to give the power to a maoist ?

I got this link on revolutionaries…It would all have been funny but for the fact that they are nearer. Spolied kids of rich men…A Lot of Indian marxists are from rich background too….One Indian-American marxist claimed Indians in US because of liberals – partially true. But it could be the case that,  liberals who have taken a bit from India and have contributed to western experience ( A Macaulayite , or Dinesh Desouza types may consider the statement as offensive ) . On the negatives they have  helped to destroy the Indian originality by employing insensitive western oriented intelligentsia   for close to a century.  So I shouldn’t be forced to view marxists  as masters….


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