A criminal cover up on Aurangzeb …and simillar pattern for Ashoka story

Thanks to a post by Harish – Got this link on source of mischief of emminent historians.

Here is the source “So now, we finally know where the story comes from: an unnamed mullah friend of an unnamed acquaintance of Sitaram ayya�s knew of a manuscript, the details of which he took with him in his grave.”

The people in Jamia Milia, JNUs searched India to find stories like this one…Some how the historians acted deaf and dumb to the collective memory of a nation, instead to find unknown gossip such as above to to excuse some of the pshycopaths who unleashed horror . I am not sure why does it help to prove the marxist theory…but Marxists have different alliance .


They have similar deformed story Ashoka…

The popular Kalinga-war story, which has been enacted in so many dramas goes like this: Emperor Ashok, the brutal ruler of Magadh empire wages war with Kalinga on the banks of river Daya. In popular literature, it has been described as one of the vicious wars of history – the daya river turning red by blood of the dead warriors. Significant population of Kalinga died in that war…Ashok, then a brutal king comes to visit the scene of war, he gets overhelmed by the death and destruction that happened on the banks of river Daya…A brutal king he was, even then he doesn’t like what he sees…This is the time in distant past, when a Budha bhikhyu passing by singing “Budham Saranam Gachami,… Dharmam…. Sangham Saranam Gachami….” King Ashoka listens that, and then renounces violence…he gets converted from “Chandasoka” to “Dharmasoka” and helps spreading Budhism in distant countries.

The seckular version of the story has been enacted in Shaharukh Khan’s movie Ashoka…Its adviser has been communists like Romila Thapper…They got some modern love stories there, which Thapper apparently heard from some unknown fishermen or extrapolated it to make a theory.

Everybody seems to have their own bias…One  man with exposure to western narratives only, was found wondering if Emperor Ashoka was hunting down…This is after Mel Gibsons movie on civilizing American natives released….:(


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