Does Marxism wants to control independent ability to buy food?

Little things are known to those who care…There was this daily labour, who had serious need of money. He goes to a port trust to work as a daily labor, there the union wouldn’t allow him to work..They have their force structures where the petty marxist rascals would loot the freedom, if it happens to be in the lower rank of the society.

I have been observing the initial opposition to computerization in India by the Marxists, then the coolie comments. Similar thing may be happening in USA…1-I think Lou Dobbs could be labor sympathizer, 2-One extreme left presidential candidate considered Job loss as violence, of the kind that can be compared to school shooting.

It seems to up neatly…as an organization, the leftists want to stop the financial independence of the ordinary people, unless they are controlled by union structure. The ultimate aim seems to deny people to have capability to buy food, unless they go through revolutionary machine. This how the Neheruvian leftists screwed up India, and particularly in Bengal – Anticipating Industry, a significant segment of powerful people spent political resources in getting the people into unions – Idiots were trained to create nuisance, rather than foster understanding.

Some of these actions are preached as fundamentalist postulates by the church of leftists – for example, if people were out of union in IT sector, then they had their faith that, it would be reason for exploition. The fundamentalist faith was so strong, that they didn’t realize that jobs had almost vanished at certain time in 1990s.

The education has its own respect, and it has been disrespected by the socialist scoundrels. The postulates that they imbibe to create scoundrels are all false. Until we have an argument against those fundamentalist postulates, the Maoists are going to win more.


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