Pathetic intellectuals…They snatch idols

The intellectuals have slandered hindus in return for JNU scholarships, who in turn look to Harvards and west. They are Jehadis…no matter what they are after the hindus.

A Nageswari idol worshiped by locals has been declared by the intellectuals as a Jain idol. The unknown intellectual has declared it being related to some assault by Shaivaites… A Local newspaper, controlled by Supposedly Gandhian touts from delhi and their local agents, didn’t consider it a good idea to show some sensitivity to people who worship it, or to identify the so called intellectual. Gandhians are so, because these touts claim to be qualified to give gandhian stamps or Mahatma stamps to natives.

The colonial man went for stories of fighting between races. Indians, unaware of the idea of race at that time, converted it to hindus vs… and they produced millions of imaginary stories. Creating a fighting story like that is a prize for the intellectual.

Let the sickularist insult with his fraud theories and state support, let the Ram Bhakt take the oppurtinity to remember the name Sri Rama – That is the prize.
Sri Rama.


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