Columbia-USA free trade deal and socialists?

Read an interesting article

Some quotes and notes:

Chávez wants that future to be socialist, authoritarian, friendly to other dictators, and belligerent toward the United States. Uribe wants it to be market-oriented, democratic, and integrated into an international system friendly to freedom and organized and led by the United States.

“Venezuela and Colombia almost went to war in March, when Colombia struck a terrorist camp run by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) inside neighboring Ecuador. The FARC has terrorized Colombians for years, murdering, taking hostages, trafficking in drugs.”

Okay…So we are going to have these Maoists operating and claiming immunity in Nepal. India goes after them, they would create an international issue…more ominous with the chinese presence. For the leftist mafia, supporting Pakisthan was not enough.

Democrats like California representative Howard Berman say that “Colombia’s troubling history of labor activist assassinations and human-rights violations” requires that the deal be held up.” – This was the reason ascribed by one side….But I think there has to be more, possibly including the socialist support.

We know that when it came to perpetuate the colonial ideas of India into a new millennium, the socialists picked up three Indian marxists to write in NY Times on the racial story. Boston Globe also got communist party activists in India to get a quote and the racial theory.


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