Could “Cultural superstructure”s be a sticky weapon ?

This is as risky business as the skull measurement.

So I completed the sociology, and skull measurement…or almost completed until the pages came to our area, where it might have contained prediction of my skull size. By implication, my thoughts would be bounded through an explanation, a theory . In happier times It would have been fun to imagine writing a computer program to predict my behavior,and to think of stopped thinking for all the future – utopia!. This was scary though, firstly because sickularism has been introduced by Indians for the first time as racial analysis…The gandhi politicians of previous era interpreted in terms of religion… hence I knew there is at least one more explanation could exist beyond the racial skull measurement, which was so popular by the salary taking sociologists (sociologist=>Philosophical cobblers) .

This is when the average JNU or history activist stopped complaining about lousy clerical jobs or unemployment. The ones who were incapable of original thoughts, lousy and speechless against politicization and corruption, “bhai log” and Zindabad politics …The hopeless who were “peasants” equivalent of the political parties were suddenly more powerful. They were able to describe a situation with a lot more certainity…Suddenly they were talking of rationalism and mathematics……. The MPs of Lalu Yadav seemed to learn pronounce sickularism and simultaneously they seem to be certain about a grand moral description, the scams and abject failures in Bihar were forgiven.

My argumentative friends suddenly went into a curious silence, they found my humble reading of european arguments from english books as possibly distracting…Arguments were not prized by the argumentative friends …they would just assert some words of the world order called sickularism etc etc. Beyond 20th minute, it was easy for the sickularist to find a fascist or a hitler – and those were mere assertions…they hadn’t give any more information…[ Once there was these university leftists activists campaigning in a residential area, when They were informed how the host had books of Marx, and immediately they became humble…they forgot that that they were talking to a Brahmin Hegimon ! A well meaning engineering student protests malls for it is against sickularism…] I hadn’t met a single person until 2005, who knew 1- marxist knowledge had a theoritical basis and 2- Some basic postulates and criticisms of that theory. I haven’t found one until now ( Selected ones in higher marxist church manage their literature…and all the furious journalists are of the cadre of peasants, comrades are bunch of criminals and thugs) .

I digressed from skulls...The Skull measurements were so nicely presented by brown-sahebs, and human have such small attention span when reading a book, It was helpless for a couple of days for me …the Sickularism appeared to be right, I was no longer the person who have been nice to his friends all along, who had good and pleasant intentions all along…(though bit annoying at times)…I was convinced that I am close to a criminal……As if all my thoughts were criminal thoughts so far…Logically ( and yes there was deceptive and fraudulent logic in colonial sociology ) should I be converting to a sickular ? They had such power arguments for the casual reader, it is easy to be trapped in Indian sociology with colonial roots in return for a professorship.

[After years of struggle, analysis and poor performance in career, I found the strongest relation between myself and my skull is fairly limited… when a maoist bullet pierces this skull, it would quite an event to stop writing this blog, but this event would be as insufficient to describe depth of an ocean as describing it through a sinking ship. For the Brahmin, the shape of the skull would have been  related to Kapha’ , the skin would have been job of a cobbler…For the christian missionaries and europeans ( cobblers ?), it was story of the universe – the history of Aryan tourists visiting Dravidianismviolent fighting] Colonial Sociology has not been threating since then, though they have own many activists.

Getting back to the risky business I mentioned at the start of the article, it is very difficult to explain skull measurement to hindus, because if you throw around the pitch and tar carelessly, it would stick to more people…It had stuck me when I went to the imperial subject of Max Mueller(s) and Risley(s) .

Cultural superstructure is similar sticking tar…if you are a angry history graduate got admission in JNU, this could be electrifying…especially when you have promise to go to whiteland by these humanity subjects. Care needs to be taken to present this stuff. I was frightened to read the word cultural super structure in this article. When a “cultural super structure” is analyzed to interact with “Post modernism” … and if that not-a-white-man saheb Amartya Sen gives a lecture on such a subject in Delhi university…I wouldn’t be surprised if they get 5 more life time peasant equivalent to cause of maoism.


It has been pleasant to say…. Sri Rama.


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