Rs 3000 salary per Maoist

The Gandhian paper [sam-page-3-19thapr] says that the Maoists are rather excited in Odisha, Jharkhand and west bengal boarder. They would be paid Rs 3000 per month, and 3000 of them would be recruited.

One of the justifications provided by the newspaper is an acknowledgment by Rajeev Gandhi on corruption in the socialist state – 85% of the development money goes to bribe [ Bribed by the state to control economy or privately] So the old Gandhians and professors in JNU have ensured that youth between 15-18 will be recruited for fight…and girls will be recruited too. Girls –there has been report of abuse of young girls, some are left after pregnancy. I can see it giving a rather cosy environment to these local kids on their new path of attacking themselves, when girls join them in the camps.

All the money the socialists looted now comes back to fund these people. Many wouldn’t ask this question, because the socialist economy has ensured that people think it is the destiny(govt) that pays the salary ….

This post has a description maoist brutality and another link to maoist brutality.

BTW The Nepal maoists have asked the King to get out of the palace…Pranab Mukherjee call the slaughter of 12000 people and control by maoists as multi party democracy. Pranab Mukherjee is a moron who manages to serve his masters well, when the communists wipe out congress or his own party.


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