Questions on the Mac-truth of objectivity and the new Gnostism

The following is from a retired conservative person. In this post, I create an argument as to why I am refuting the quotes of an unknown, possibly respected person in such a way…and then I have created an argument against some of the lines.

I am retired after a long career as a senior executive of a Fortune 100 company. I am an orthodox Christian, and primarily interested in covering news and events from a Christian perspective. I reject the philosophy of cultural relativism, which denies objective truth. As a result, some of these posts will be decidedly ‘politically incorrect’. Truth is objective, and ultimate truth is found in the revealed word of God, the Holy Bible.

This person ascribes Obama to Gnostism, attributes Operah etc anti-christ (Every era has its Anti-Christs.), and speaks against the 2000 years of experiment. I am not sure what this Gnosticism means right through different systems,but this is what was considered as related to Gnostism by the above person:

For we cannot reach that blessed shore without first crossing through the valley of death. No amount of New Age mantras, visualization techniques, or self-help books will bring an end to warfare, famine, disease, cruelty, and death. Like its predecessors, this new form of Gnosticism will..

This is what got my attention:- The person is creating an argument against Yoga for local political purposes…which has been popular in west in last decade.

In 18th century, a lot of Indian thoughts were examined in europe, some were appreciated, Just like Yoga is today. Later the The church and imperial officials hit back when they captured India …They created the racial theories such as Aryan-dravidianism to slander Hinduism…and spread them in India with a sledge hammer…some times with stated purpose to attack on the Indian religion and to control people through church. Indian standard of sickularism identifies itself with such such European authors. Most liberal christian authors in west went with their brethren. They created the second world war, and then decades after the the christianity and Europeans were aquited of Hitlers faults. However The Indian priests were compared with Hitlers in 2000s, that too in mainstream Indian press.

Therefore it is not hurt, but to examine the accusations….

1- Looking to the hope:

Obama is doing something acceptable in western orthodox framework of acceptance …Delivering a hope or Utopian promise of heavens by ignoring where one stands or re-explaining it …This is a human frailty to get carried away, but this may have got one of its early important victories in Rome…Considering the present day slander, it is possible that the tone of the discussion that Roman missionaries would have sold as a hope in first centuries, be lacking understanding of the early Roman religion. Some give descriptions, which sounds like a present day political debate, like targeting the working class of the society, promising them better.

What might have been an argument against the Romans at one point, has been sealed as the light for long periods, there is darkness below the light, one can’t check what is in there. This is conversion, an identity, this is in part could define the progressivism, the hope where you can’t look back beyond certain point. Now the shape of the debate gets changed with some unknown, reflected in other direction as a positive faith. In One TV show, a guy was ranting against the secret of Romans Vs freedom ( What about the secret instructions of catholic church on paedophilia?), when the early missionaries could as well be as deceptive as the missionaries who preached theories of race.

The protestants few centuries later might have got the same ‘progressive’ argument… These groups found orthodoxy in the earlier church, they may have different source ?.

Marxism is acceptable in logic because of similar nature of arguments resting in promise of utopia, and shifting the base of the torch to their own point of revolution. Once they convert into maoists, the maoists ensure to defend their party – In fact this name “Mao” is name of a recent thug in a civilization that has spanned millenniums. People have been successful without being maoists. Once Maoists come to power, they attack on the past…The Maoists in Nepal have their first two tasks is to slander and throw out the king. Lately the king was not in even any ceremonial position.

The Taliban found the Budha Statue somewhere in the mountains to destroy it. They have the most of the horror stories on earlier inhabitants of Mecca and Medina, to whom Mohammad’s army defeated…Yet they have their source in Mohammad. Any attempt to go under that source, results violence across thousands miles.

Here is the faith and promise that hides the source:

The lord has defeated the Satan already “the Lord Jesus Christ has already defeated Satan by his innocent suffering and death on the cross” -However even in absence of Satan, people will not go to utopia on their own… In different situations, you can’t question the mad lectures of Marx in a marxist state, you can only question and insult the hindus for sake of the coming utopia. Taliban delivers amazing answers on jewish conspiracy to WTC that captivates so much of people, but never question them on a whole range of issues, Vote for Obama for the economic miracles but leave a limited set of questions on his dependency on the leftists those are offensive…

Thus, giving the hope, and promising new lands without examining where one stands is not at all about new age type of Gnostism.

I got the quotes in italics from some conservative blog .

The objective claim on truth:

His argument on “which denies objective truthis basically an argument against the post-modernism. Post modernism essentially is about context…if you say the X correct conclusion, If I say Y is the correct conclusion, it is possible that we are different because of the context. This is a valid argument. Post-modernism has serious logical issues at certain extremes…I am not a post modernist, as the name implies, post-modernism is essentially has a lot of progressive association with it. That itself is a context.

Western culture is better at socialism, colonialism…finding nice ways to get the things under control…. or rationalizing without much pretense. Engaging in unproductive activities of finding nature or lack of it of the has not been a favorite past time. Consider Mills, I think an utilatirian…he(both?) is considered highly by the british even today, but Somebody I see as a hit man of the empire. Those guys- utilatirians and missionaries never appreciated or engaged with the whole hindu preoccupation on something called truth…Instead they indulged in racial and class stories, while creating front of attack on this past time of truth, by engaging the anglicized-hindu-Budhists .

So the claim is :

Truth is objective, and ultimate truth is found in the revealed word of God, the Holy Bible.

If the Truth is objective…then what and why is ultimate truth ?

If the truth is objective… then why would it must only be “revealed” and from where was it transported?

How exactly it got contained in the word ? Is that still objective ? You see the reason why these outrageous ideas create post-modernism ?

And the Holy-bible – By this the Christians politicians trying to pack the truth into hands of their organization ….Violation of dictates of organization wouldn’t be considered objective here. If there is one other choice, I would better go with fatwas…They don’t pretend it to be universally objective .


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