Unscintific attitude towards dog meat?

There is a group of “rational” people who claim it is rational to eat everything that moves.

But consider dog meat…How unscientific have been the Americans and Europeans over ages..They miss delicacies of eating their slave pets, which should have been so sweet. Have you ever heard any of the SICKulars, cutely mentioning that dog is live animal, one that moves for the above purpose ?

Such rationalized people, specially among NRIs are generally not reported to be roasting live dogs to serve their guests, nor arguing about such atrocities. While many Indians are keeping dogs as pets these days, I hope we have enough respect for Go-mata and respect the bright little and playful cows who give us milk.

I never got the wisdom of some modernized Bengalis who argue the eggs grow in egg plants – that it is vegitarian…except that they have such classification in France and bengalis have exposure to europe.

Updt: This post is against the argument that  it is sort of unscientific and irrational if cow gets associated with mother nature, and is treated better than other animals….I think there is a relationship develops between man and its environment which is not about the proteins in food. This post doesn’t advocate disrespecting pet dogs.


2 Responses

  1. Please forward this article to Hon.N. Ram who treats his kennels of Pomeranians to a life of air conditioned comfort. But isn’t that against some far-east cultures where they eat dogs?

  2. Dogs are dogs – they would follow when they are fed ,and if the species is right they will hunt for you, however if it is a gandhian dog, then it would be a good pet.

    May be N Ram would be capable of eating his fellow dogs, if he would be unshackled.

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