Why Dalai Lama’s statements were edited by The Hindu!

The Hindu has been in forefront of giving space to any foul mouth, jehadi apologists, racial analysists included, if the target has been hindus. One sociologist from USA who spear headed the efforts in “the Hindu” on racial attack on Brahmins by twisting the Dronacarya Story[***] into industrial logic, actually seemed to be a budhist convert. Therefore it would be a revelation to find Hindu is editing the Dalai Lama’s statement, just as the Chinese thugs do.

After much hue and cry, those sick people in the Chinese mouth piece in India admits editing out Dalai Lama’s statements. The chinse-dhimmi-in-chief put words into Dalai Lama’s mouth, as the chinese Maoist thugs do, and then concluded on basis of that.

It is painful to me, after the chinese have security presence in Nepal, they have significant media investment in India. Who will oppose them ? When the Hindu was hitting the tradition of mother India, to convert it into a story of racial violence, many of my friends got converted to those Aryan dravidian stories, and it is an universe for them with its own thought process. They failed to see the events then, they may fail more now. The chinese have security forces in Nepal, and they have significant influence over a national news paper – when Indian govt can’t claim to have as much influence on any .

I hope miracles happen.


***following is an attempt to explain the Dronacarya story and what The Hindu newspaper did.

[Dronacarya, though a warrior who was to remain undefeated until he had weapons in his hand, blessed his students to be victorious, and fought with them to be slaughtered. he fought what can be viewed in gross as the wrong war, for the wrong people. For Dronacarya, Dharma was minutest actions, say every details of contradiction between the word of acceptance to serve the kingdom, and speaking against the kingdom when it destroyed itself by stripping Draupadi of her clothes… They had endured (or call it respect) it to such an extent that words were respecting these people. When he blessed his opponents for victory, the unseen cared to respect his words , This meant Guru Dronacarya would be defeated by his favorite student in the war.

In Mahabharat, It is the story of a Brahmin in ancient India, subsisting in a forest, when he set out to own a cow as requested by his wife. Here the humble poetry has endured complexity of millenniums in the free and flowing milieu of Bharat. Mahabharat, a war unmatched in violence and tragedy is often thinner than Vaccum in negotiating turns, just as the camaraderie and cool breezes of an evening in Kurukhetra were as comfortable with itself as the red hot blood of warriors splitting against the reddish setting sun of horizon .

Only a westerner could have subverted this grand story merely because of his ignorance, and “The Hindu” allowed one Omvet to be the face of brokers to redescribe India in terms of atoms, followed by survival of those atoms, or in some cases propagating a fraud marxist relationship progressing with labour and economy. Here the subtlety can match Himalays . The judgments are as fine as at least loud protests delivered from multiple media, or the fat checks the lobbyist deliver….

Here the Activism is for class survival, propagation and conversion that gets waged for months or hundreds of years as Jehad…

How could the Europeans obsessed with greed, and occupying lands and all those gross traits in their possession could have developed sociology to explain the activism for itself, survival – whose still finer purpose were mastered to match the respected words, the words even when its meaning was end of survival of Drona…How could the Marxist greed of control and violence explain Drona setting out for a single cow to feed their son ?

So they did what they could…dragged the whole thing into standard pit of race analysis and labor relations. Thanks to the lead provided by The Hindu news paper. When Amartya Sen types develop those labour relations, more human may be submerged in/through it, but still the universe will be left with forgotten possibilities.


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