Deshpande will go to places

Here Gandhian speaks, crooked politicians have picked up the lady at her old age, she is enjoying it.

“”If the countries in Europe which were fighting with one another on various issues can come together to form a European Union with a common currency…”

This analogy is so utterly misleading because :

  • It is a crime in germany to organize and slaughter Jews. Germans are not sending terrorist squad to Israel. Can the same be said about Pakisthanis ?
  • The European marxists and morons don’t blame the jews for their massacre. The Indian Marxists have spread the canard that the Bangladeshi hindus have been arrogant, which is the reason for the good islamists cleaning up Bangladesh. In Kashmir, they would like to blame Jagmohan. But I would like find out their staple accusation…did the Pundits were more developed and had better jobs before being driven out ? Consequently:
  • Pakisthan Never apologized for making its land pure of hindus. They have terrorist squads that have cleansed Kashmir pundits from their home…more than 300000 people ! While Marxists and Neheruvians whitewashed these mass slaughter in Pakisthan and Bangladesh, Germany acknowledged it, confronted it.
  • Bangaladesh never apologized for looting the enemy properties and cleaning their land pure of hindus and idiots like Amartya Sen. Further Amartya Sens mayn’t speak against the rape and slaughter of innocent hindus in Bangaladesh until white man hangs an award for him or motivates him. In Europe they are in agreement that it is wrong to rape and terrorize hindus, it is wrong to have Marxist control over humans. They don;t wait for a mafia controlled from China to speak on simple things.

For some, fantasies of union means awards, bigger sounds close to Maha- of Mahatma. For some, it costs one lakh to give a highly respected award. Terrorists have to pay that much to a single lawyer for a single case, and they have cleansed entire nations of hindus.


She was evasive when asked about Tibet. Let the communists bless Deshpande, She will go to places in this country and get awards for colluding with the marxist atrocities on innocent people. In return Communists will line up poor hindus when she dies to show respect for a fake gandhian.

The Maoists in Nepal, who were waging a war with the state . For Carl Marx “The working class is revolutionary or it is nothing.” the state in Nepal now allows chinese to directing the security. Another 12000 revolutionary Nepalese would be slaughtered when they are needed to be revolutionary. Thanks to gandhians silence and suffocating the debate.
deep inroads into the Maoist-infested regions in Chhattisgargh, Orissa : The fact is the Maoists have made deep inroads into the gandhian citadel and are managing the gandhian properties and brand. This statement means, the Gandhian organizations have been getting centralized and have their power increasing by getting more property , schools etc.


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