Sociology lessons

I thought to record the noise over sociological lessons, when it is applied to Americans.

In Indian politics, I think exclusive sociology lessons of colonial govt can pass as surplus rationality by hopeless journalists of The Hindu, or the types Sheela Bhat of rediff. Such is the power of their surplus rationality is that, All ManMadam Singh had to do to explain the quota was to declare its “time has come“, he was quoting one Victor Hugo.

Following is from this article, the self image doesn’t end of with rational surplus, when theory applied to people to explain them.

Obama is indeed poised and self-confident. But the current uproar over his impromptu sociology lesson in San Francisco about “bitter” voters in Pennsylvania raise questions about his self-discipline, and his understanding of how easy it is for a politicians in modern politics to lose control of his or her public image.

And this one from NY Times paints more of a horror story.:

He’s disdainful of small-town America — one might say, of bourgeois America. He’s usually good at disguising this. But in San Francisco the mask slipped.

NY Times had lend itself to 3 marxists to give age in an intense debate when NY Times coverage would have tilted the balance of the western Academics for reversing colonial stereotypes of India . The new govt then formed in India has been disdainful of a whole lot of population – [ Only yesterday the dim-wits surveyed the status of vaccination and put a visible mark in the exterior of my house. The Govt can decide the status of Vaccination to be displayed on outer walls, it can decide on mass feeding of kids…, and more… the govt knows how my wife can socialize with other’ ladies to form association to make good business sense, while I won’t be eligible for same purpose to team up with my wife. Add corruption and vote politics, the criminal politicians and JNU social scientists hungry for more stastistical data to the whole affair, sometimes it looks bit scarry in scheme of worldwide leftist or colonial politics].

The good thing I learned is the origin of the word left…JNU egalitarians mayn’t consider this political knowledge as suitable for native politicians of sepoy cadre. There were some Indian young leftists who had however the power to be sensible. When the fashion was to drink beer,smoke cigarates.. eat chicken, clamor for supposedly romantic Bollywood “pyar hogaya..” stuff, read physical sciences ….Some young converts to world of racial fighting and MaxMueller thought, they possibly didn’t know enough of hinduism because of non-egalitarian reasons….Actually these young-leftists didn’t know why they are leftists too. Even I didn’t know why they were leftists … It turns out to be they are supposed to be anti-hegelian : Marx had written about “Contribution to the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right”

Update : This is from a sympathetic journalist…Even then she advises to keep anthropology to Java, borneo etc…NY Times had supported the Indian marxists to describe India through anthropology.


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