Who is that fisherman ?

I have been confused on this one. Sindhu – this is vast. Yamuna – It is furious. Ganga – mother – It is futile to pretend more here. The boatman knew how to cross the river, or is it the Sindhu ? Of course he knew how to cross the river in either case. One of the boatman is the one that carried the saptarsi. The story is much cheaper and polluted by the hierarchical message possessing preachers. Either the same one, or there is a modern twist :- the boat man is catching fishes in modern times, he would get the fish on to the boat. That is kind of messenger trapping one more through the message. It is funny to think,  if the caught ones would be roasted in his oven, instead of landing in the promised  fraud of community  or material brotherhood.


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