Alleged truth deficit, Right and wrong

n article in Australian has some interesting analysis on china, an analysis that misses the the obvious megalomaniacs. The article seems to hint alleged truth deficit, just as the previous post had an article from BBC on alleged love deficit.

The author expresses the “idea” of truth – and implicitly the superior truthful idea and that on basis of identity [and eternity?], as the following.

“China thinks in terms of situation and process, not of identity and eternity, which are the basis of our idea of truth. Jullien also says that moral thought in China tends to deal with influence, regulation and accommodation, rather than right and wrong. This in part explains why the Chinese are all but universally outraged about Western protests over their possession of Tibet. Its subordination to China seems to them perfectly justified by China’s natural superiority and ancient role as the dominant civilisation of East Asia.”

This author’s paper doesn’t think it has to do with communists – a fact that ordinary Protesters(not tibetan) in SF see this political system. And then what is the proof that chinese survive without this notion of right and wrong ? And who talks of influence more , the average chinese or the megalomaniac Maoists and their counterparts in eurocentrists?

Identity and not a process?:

The authors arguments are very much similar to what the westernized Indians and west did to assault on the hindu religion on the presumption of rational deficit. So we had these mostly 3rd rate students, who went to study humanity and did politics in the college, read bit of english and finally landed up in JNUs. With strange sociology and historical arguments, some of these people tried to position themselves as “rational” vis-a-vis everything else that associated with the Indian traditional. The latter included a whole lot of development, brilliance, affection and a lot of life of hindus…With little bit of media help, this “rational” became the new face of westernized India . I searched for years why these dim-wit historians, opportunists ,criminal maoist supporters, converts etc are claiming themselves to be rational, but found that they are evading this question in their literature, instead giving a progressive hope to hide this question.

By rationalism, these corrupted, opportunistic dim-wits et al were making an argument, that their idea is being positioned as truth, while the argument is basically a slanderous statement of identity. They established the historical process when all the news papers brought up the issues of “saffronization” ( during 1999-2003?), and ensured that the aryan dravidian horror stories of invasion by the Brahmin. [ Unfortunately the BJP guys were half idealists, they quickly got themselves sorrounded by bit of utopian progressives. Joshi , thinking to be “scintific” at best tried to subvert the aryan-in aspect of the proposed process, pushed a little here or there] . This “rational”(Also identified as seckular) attack was put as a discussion on identities[ Or repression of identities]. But the process was hidden here – one of the most elaborate, ancient and time tested philosophy if Indian tradition was plundered and at times bottled into a historical process [ of race or class or both] by the sociologists writing in the Hindu news paper, by JNU historians, by Chinese agents from Delhi, by Amartya Sen type Bengali Macaulayites and welfare economists and by many church employees… . This hiding is the nature ( or rather blindness) of classical eurocentrist colonial philosophy. Consider the attack on indian identity, where the political and academic class suggested that the Brahmin meant having the role colonize and to help kings attack the dravidans. This is what got the tamil nadu people worked up… The attack was on an identity, so its not that identity was missing. Instead the discomfort is because the conditioned process of racism, the arrogance hidden as truth is not working in India. The research effort of 125 years can be seen to be forgiving to identities many times…, However it is singularly focussed to secretly change the description of the process. … The importance of quota is necessary as visible marks of a new kind of process, that was supposed to have happened, consequently where ever it leads to. Unfortunately 99% of hindus would think this is about empathy and simple opportunities. Thus the eurocentrism fail to see the process that they impose on others [ and probably on themselves too]. This is a genuine problem with the medival colonial ideas of europe, which they have reformed a lot.

This is the reason, I am sure that a**hole Amartya Sen, (as a sickular progressive, rational ,macaulayite bengali) would have imposed a hidden process in his book titled identities. Amartya has some stinking and contradictory logic based on whim, which helped to deteriorate his own homeland, and he needs diversion of identity [ Hindu fundamnetalist, Aryan warriors are fine with him] to push through these process of welfare in national scale. For example, he has this idiotic logic that equality may require force feeding everybody non-veg, if it will decided by a national standard health authority, knowing very well that many hindus don’t eat non-veg.

The scoundrels such as Amartya Sen use identity to push their processes in a socialist state, as was done before by the british missionaries- but would use serious utopian stuff – frauds such as material transcendence or universal bother hood to avoid whatever they push – for example sen never brings up the organization of communist dictatorship, killing and control to the public, he would discuss the saffronization but wouldn’t discuss whatever the comrades in west bengal had done to text books. These are just means getting controlled by the states like Vatican through conversion, or being controlled by the vicious maoist types . Blinded by these promises, Hindus spoke unspeakable words against anybody associated with orthodox hinduism, but particularly focussed to destroy a certain traditional association ( Today’s newspaper had 27% quota confirmed by supreme court) – Their grievance was universe was denied to them for the traditional culture is shown by the identities to be not conforming to the universalism, and these hindu castes were therefore cheated by the traditional culture and its perceived leaders. Unfortunately They didn’t question one end of this argument on universalism denied. The end of the argument had n-loopholes there…, and this end of the argument was cared and feared more by the tradition. Instead many latched on to the denied part of the argument, and spoke unfortunate things. Little bit of time would have allowed hindus to find out that some identities [ as in race] based arguments are are to be classified, by its nature, as the cobbler’s philosophy, and could be far away from the universal stuff. But all of them jumped to a new found universalism as was observed from a deep pit, and they will suffer for that. Even the Bengali universalist and moral transcendental prophets and their imitations all around have issues in my opinion, hidden because of socialist support.

[If you are a hindu and partially agree with this frustrating stuff, then call to Sri Rama… to get out of this mess].

So this loud irrationalism that the westernized Indians( Including history ,sociology , anthropology, political science influenced progressives ) delivered upon the hindus is essentially an arguments of alleged rational deficit or truth deficit. This was driven by a process, but visibility was the identity politics. The post below has mention of alleged love deficit. Truely eurocentrism has to be the savior, or else we will be slandered and colonized.

Some response to the author of above article:

Eternity: is not an unique western christian concept. It surely would be existing in Roman era. Until 19th century, I believe the europeans had a pretty weird concept of eternity, from which these Aryan theories came out. The German philosopher who reformulated it for modern age wouldn’t have mentioned this as a western idea. If there is a further refinement in 20th century, then I don’t think the humanity depts ( in general) appreciate it yet, or will appreciate it as much as some in east did.

It does exist for marxist or maoist utopians too, but in a rather flawed way as the European progressives had.

Identity :- Identities are only a part, what the author didn’t say is that always the identities accompanied with a process, that the classical eurocentric culture refuses to see. So when the missionaries, british et al talked of the dravidian race, they were talking of an oversimplified, presumed yet a horrible process of aryans race oppressing the supposed other races . While focusing on the identities the christians were restricting the universal process to a historical one, explained in 19th century marxist or racist models of europe. here the Brahmin was to be assaulted. However while offering hegemony of the church, conversion, imperialism, socialism, anglicized Macaulayism, they were offering something that transcended history and identity.

Of course they had new identities in church, where imperialists from Rome would appoint priests, and have their ambassodors hiding the pedophiles, while dravidian govt is ready to line up Sanyasins of Kanchipuram in jails.


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