Alleged “Love” Deficit

Love – as I understand in English language – is best used as a type of action, though it is context free. Ban the images of sex – both the action and the species difference – there is not much left in common or pop english . (  there are other uses of love than it being about gender, some of it are dirty, some are silent) Most english focussed Indians, in discussion forums, would struggle to get to the man and woman species issues as the definite possibility of this thing called love. They would struggle because they knew there were parental love too, there were important Indian words for describing the situation. Modern Indian formulation also follows context-freedom of “love” , for example the hindi word “pyar” is new incarnation of context-free love.

In this fine article, about china, the author goes to arranged marriages to prove that his head is buried deep, he says: Compare it to the perfect wedding of an arranged marriage. It is less about the love between bride and groom and more about the canapes, the placement and the 600 carefully chosen family guests.

Hope this male reporter is not implying that western couple look downwards during their wedding, or ignore their guests, and come to the church a day after their marriage to exchange a vow . Otherwise it is a real difficult job to find the alleged love deficiency in a general sense as he implies. In the age of Bill Clintons ( and the other Governer!) BBC should enforce that articles on love and marriage to be reviewed by lady reporters before publication.


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