The message of the activist, and their worldly utopia

Hoardes of Activists swamped the world, attacking villages and civilizations. [They set the debate – who is better, the british or the Islamists, but that is different issue]. For those who recruited as missionaries and sent conversion report to the then europe, they would have brought the utopia by bring everyone under the control of the church.

For the islamic activists, they would bring utopia by ruling under islam, and these people wouldn’t be as pathetic if they knew what they are doing, that is if muslims knew about what they generally worshiped – Terrors from likes of The Ghouries, Ghajanis as islamic nationalism(!), Islamic identity….Pride in destruction by these senseless people …Yes these were the religion of of activists.

The activists were agents of ‘god’, they were possessed by a message of god, because god is extra terrestrial. This message, and a freaking $5 book ( available for free from these religionist politicians) is what drove these people to destruction.

The British and europeans conjured up a racial story for India – NY Times got communists and anglicized to defend and reiterate this story even in 2000s – Harvard gets professors to espouse these racial stories. Here the sickularists and religionists both found a cause for european nationalism. The debate between utilatirians and the christist missionaries were if the extra terrestrial god was void or he is father of a dead man called Jesus Christ.

If they had little more sense, then NY times wouldn’t have justified the racial stories ( and associated hatred ) in 2000s. Openly the communists and the usual anti hindu mafia killed 12000 browns in Nepal ( That is equivalent to 1000 whites at the ration of 1:10), and NY Times allowed communists to give a racial description of India, at least when it mattered.

If during all these, if they would have behaved less than messengers of the extra terrestrial void or god, then I would like to think these activists would have left a more mundane space for some people , say like the writer of this passage.

Thats why it is frustrating to read about these unions :we experience ultimate joy as we become one with Jesus Christ in a union that leads to incomprehensible joy. Sexual intercourse mirrors our relationship to God and causes us to worship h

These socialists, Neheruvians , journalists from times of India, Sheela Bhat of rediff , raged and brainwashed alumni ( or drop outs) of JNU et al could dissociate them from agents possessing the message of Lord Macaulays, they could again interpret things as union ready, more likely they would get more of messages. They may get bombarded with far more messages by new activists, some would be intolerable at their old age… The utopia will elude them just like it has eluded big maoist empires and islamic ghettoes…

Sri Ram


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