Dutch film ‘Fitna’

Wasn’t it an offense to religion when these jehadis were actually slaughtering people in kashmir or in Afghanistan even ? Obviously they had more horror stories and they have massacred people more gruesomely…blood thirsty deamons…

These pakisthanis, who need to make money but would loot from the state and other islamists ( until they find something to loot by declaring the enemy properties, or like those criminal invaders did ) didn’t find any offense all along when islamists were making their country Pure of hindus. They are seriously offended because it means losing criminal patronage from europe, along with getting jehadi money.

I support the movie because it means a lonely man can cry and shout when attacked by the bloody terrorists, without worrying whether he is morally violating sickularism.

— One website down… but good that the film could be released.


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One Response

  1. Dhara,
    The question that needs to be asked is what is worse, killing people or making a movie about those killing people?
    In my blog, I had provided a link to the same film (of course shamefully copied the link from someone else’s blog)
    But those who cannot handle the truth should not complain.
    Just my 2 cents.

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