Poverty Zar

Poverty-zars are not limited to developing countries or Kolkata . Karma catches up…Now some of them will rule, unfortunately USA. There is proposals for billions of dollars to be spent on poverty alleviation programmes- a major source of corruption.

Its effect on America mayn’t be as drastic, but In this process, Amartya Sens of the world will become more powerful to lord over rest of us. Sen had a credibility problem when he quotes the chinese and murderous maiost examples as success.

It is a bad dream to imagine of giant transporting vehicles carrying food, children amassed together and lined up to receive food in mass programs. Days will not be far when they also would line up the parents to receive food from giant cooking machines. Amartya Sens are masters at creating these schemes ( Sen is part some Harvard group, and has recruited couple of bong in to a kolkatta ‘gang’ ) . Macaulayized , Sen thinks he has become Prophetic by transcending the hindu massacre in Bangaladesh, getting of Kolkatta , to delhi and then to London … Marrying a white woman – millionare at that – he presumes his success with his right to claim the universal master – and there he has a formulations for these poverty programmes and mass feeding oppurtinities.


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