Illusion of Going beyond oneself

Devotion to god or devotion to little bit of self serving influence and power structure . It is unfortunate understanding that god asked something like Mao or Hitler asked to do. I am speechless….

However The offensive socialists do think they have put themselves before whatever to control things on behalf of classical eurocentric destiny…

Hitler put him after himself to satisfy that desire he viewed as destiny…

A lot of organized churchism think they put them before what they think as god, and has got a mandate of destiny to impose its hegimony….Church has been explicit and implicit partner in spreading story of of hatred between communities( as in between Hutus and tutsis, as it is between Dravidian…and some say it about jews too) so as to weaken independent people and get them as churchians.

Lakshara E Toiba and OIC folks have in control of a message from god -their whim is a destiny for them – to terrorize and to convert and control the Ummah…

Mao indeed thought of putting himself before the Russians – but the effect is same, that is to hide his mega ambitions as events of time – mega ambitions that massacred 12 millions chinese. 12,000 more massacred in Nepal, and the murderer of Nepal who was hiding all along now wants to president.

And these morons are working in tibet . A whole lot of indian journos are commies, they would sell bloody revolution to the unsuspecting friends on behalf of their masters. I would have been happy if they explained it in news media – but the fact is macaulyians are half-bred-bastards ( at least emotionally) of Shakespear – they would say a word against it when the BBC opposes the oppression.

Ronald Reagan : It mayn’t imply to put a politician in this extreme fringe, but it is equally hopeless. The islamic terrorism was financed by Reagans…In good days, I would imagine quite unAmerican…He said they worship the same god -To get the MaxMueller’s Imperial logic- both of them are missionary religions(Churchism)….It is this version of extremism that drove out the Kashmiri pundits . 300 thousands are driven out of their home. This involvement and financing by super rich ensured BBC always ensured to mention Pakisthan denying terrorism – After all their super-master was financed by Saudis.

Again Unrelated : How important is the support for Israel linked to the folk stories of bible. It seems amazing that USA supports Israel against all the attack by the leftists. One little thing is according the folk stories, the jews will be attacked after the second coming…Meaning any charltan or a modern day guru could attack the jews and by virtue of that attack he would be a respected person. This is quite sick… and one doesn’t want to be a jew right now.


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