The original doubt and the verses from angel

An interesting article with lot of information
Here is how the hallunciations were proved to be correct… so many people see these dreams…Considering the description of Mecca, it would be safe to assume that better methods to fix the doubt was known to people of that time…

She asked him to notify her when his visitor returned, so that they could verify whether he really was the archangel Gabriel or an ordinary demon. �So when Gabriel came to him, as he was wont, the apostle said to Khadija, �This is Gabriel who has just come to me.� �Get up, o son of my uncle�, she said, �and sit by my left thigh.� The apostle did so, and she said, �Can you see him?� �Yes�, he said. She said, �Then turn round and sit on my right thigh.� He did so, and she said, �Can you see him?� When he said that he could, she asked him to move and sit in her lap. When he had done this, she again asked if he could see him, and when he said yes, she disclosed her form and cast aside her veil while the apostle was sitting in her lap. Then she said, �Can you see him?� And he replied, �No.� She said, �O son of my uncle, rejoice and be of good heart, by God he is an angel and not a Satan.� (Ishaq/Guillaume: 107/154)

In modern language, this account relates how Mohammed�s vision of the Archangel waned and disappeared as his wife turned up the heat of sexual arousal.

These satanic verses seems to be the last attempt by an angel. The name ‘Allah’ is pretty close to the name ‘al-L’. I would imagine people knew beyond the name, for Allah as well as ‘al-L – Hijab will not save women  until there is respect to the mother – ‘al-L‘ as the Arabs respected.

Yet, at one point he did give in to the tempting idea of a quick way to bring the Meccans into his fold, viz. by accepting the reality and auspicious role of the three popular goddesses al-L�t, al-Uzz� and Man�t. A revelation duly arrived from heaven, saying: �Have you thought of al-L�t and al-Uzz� and Man�t, the third, the other? These are the exalted cranes whose intercession is approved.� (Ishaq/Guillaume:165/239) The Meccans were enthusiastic, prostrating along with the Muslims at the mention of the goddesses in Allah�s company, and word even spread that they had converted to Islam.

But then another revelation came down, telling Mohammed that he had been deceived by Satan, who had smuggled these goddess-revering words into the channel of the prophet�s wahi or revelatory trance, falsely making it look like a divine message on a par with all the others Quranic verses. So Allah annulled the Satanic verses and sent down the verse: �We have not sent a prophet or apostle before you but when he longed [viz. for acceptance], Satan cast suggestions into his longing. But God will annul what Satan has suggested. The God will establish his verses, God being knowing and wise.� (Q.22:51/52; Ishaq/Guillaume:166/239) Since then, the Quran gives a corrected reading, this one properly revealed by Gabriel himself: �Have ye seen L�t, and Uzz�, and another, the third, Man�t? (�.) These are nothing but names which ye have devised, ye and your fathers, for which Allah has sent down no authority.� (Q.53:19-23)


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