Witzelites in Harvard!

At Harvard they will have separate gyms and multiculturalism prayer calls But when it comes to hindus, partisans, paid by Harvard to be professors – humans such as Mr Witzel – think they got a description of the universe according 19th century dogmas by Max Muellers, and insist that Hindus must be described by such a racial aryan Dravidian universe. They have beaten up any hindu who dared to deviate from such humanist biblical descriptions…Witzel uses Harvard brand name… they would get a powerful IAS/Academics who would need to publish his next story on his journey to Harvard…in return Witzel has earned so much influence over ‘you scratch my back..’ types. They have got an Indology professor there who apparently is suspicious of zero.

I have  lost bit of faith, because Witzel is not using Nazi brand name, he is using the Harvard facilities and brand name. The racial descriptions, which MaxMueller used to target hindus was the starting that fed the Nazi movement 50 years later around 1920-1930s.


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