Congressi mercenaries – Why they own Gandhians

It is common knowledge that trillions of dollars of Indian money are lying in various tax havens, such as Antigua, Switzerland, Bahamas, Liechtenstein, Isle of Man, St. Kitts, and so on.

The ssecular socialist Neheruvian trade :

Throughout the Nehruvian socialistic period, the under-invoicing of exports and over-invoicing of imports was very common. Along with that, a substantial portion of external earnings were siphoned off to these tax havens.

Fortunately some of these money can be spent to install Gandhians, SICKular comrades, violent thugs and their political-economy-specialist slaves , NGOs and Mahatmas in media. These parasites who earn so much money ( They complain about trade, but never invested in fair trade…) and influence will ensure that nothing happens to that money in distant lands.

Neheruvian scion sonia Gandhi declares she doesn’t own a car. Does anybody think the delhi power brokers would listen to such a person ?


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