Catholic fascists massacred 487,000 Orthodox Serbs and 27,000

There has been something wrong with the way the west handled the Yugoslavia affair. Until a day before the invasion of Serbia by Clinton, there didn’t appear to be any conclusive proof – That mass grave of 30 something people were reported late and that couldn’t be the only reason to attack a country…that can’t justify all the enthusiasm in continents, particularly when the KLA were no saints. [ One of the prominent exceptions who opposed the Yugoslav war during discussions was john McCain.] The mass graves created by the KLA have been reported, KLA was a Nato alley. Since then most of the churches in Kosovo has been vandalized and serbians have been ethnically cleansed from Kosovo. Bill Clintons justification for the war was that a ‘power keg’ shouldn’t be allowed to develope in Europe – pretty poor justification for going to a war and looking sideways when serbians are being driven out of their homes, their churches vandalized  in heart of europe. Always there seemed to be  other biases and insensitivity to the war in Serbia .

The fascists These people had massacred humans at a scale that would make look Pakisthanis sane… like killing mosquitoes..could these morons have resurrected in europe, and have spread their tentacles everywhere….and these are the ideologies that was so cheerful to attack the orthodox serbs .

There is also mention of enemy property in the above article… by no less than Thomas Aquinas….This enemy property has been used by Bangladeshis to loot properties of hindus… No body talks about them because a lot more idiots may be familiar with that.


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