The Argumentative Socialist Indian is because of eurocentrism

I think I have overheard some conversation, that indicates deep confusion has been induced by the eurocentrist ideologies on religious matters, this shouldn’t have been the case. I will have two conversations I have over heard in the markets:



There was this cook, brahmin by tradition, who stays by the roadside in a hut covered by polythene, and works in a roadside hotel. He goes to his village once in a few weeks to give the money to his family. On Top layer of this equal world, resides an LIC agent, who collects money from retail shops. This person is brahmin by birth, but he was working in a military job, he drinks liquor once a while…has made a ‘guru‘ and has a modern outlook.

This Lic-guy was once trashing the roadside-cook, because the roadside cook is unequal and he doesn’t respect humanity because some of his orthodox ways. His argument was that since Jeeba and ‘***’ are equal, so the road-side cook should be equal… the guy staying in a roadside polythene covered hut, a hut that is sandwiched in the 3 feet space available between a house and a shop besides the road… and this cook working a stinking roadside hotel, should be equal to rest all. If that is bit hilarious about how could he be equal to those who can afford to stay with their family and own two-wheelers … then the example that was given was – He shouldn’t discriminate the ‘muslims‘ !

This was a spectacle. With so many people around it was becoming unpleasant, when the roadside-cook clearly had resigned and was looking for an escape. I remember such useless heated discussions during my stay in west bengal… to remember Amartya Sen’s argumentative Indian. it should be Argumentative socialist.

Whatever, I join the discussion to pull away the lic-agent, inform him slowly that Jeeba-Brahma are not equal always. The Lic-agent-guy stops there, and tests me with further query…he asks.. what goes during the death, and what remains unchanged. This is like I am getting drawn into a public spectacle… So I suggest him that this would be last irrelevant question that he would ask me, I take a pause, give some answer to silence him.

Then he goes asking me further questions…if I have read books ( On this he is assured that he wouldn’t read as many books in his life), then bets to draw me into naming Upanishads… which I don’t name. He tries to convince me a final time, by asking me to go with him to his guru !

What ? This guy was serious all the time, it is as if he was trying to convert to the road-side cook according to his guru’s message ! And on that, he had wrong information…I checked some books ( not the new age interpretations) that evening…

I was disturbed that the lic-guy was so sure on the wrong information, essentially I could arrive at his conclusion IF I IGNORE the feminine characteristics so as to refer to ‘fatherlands’, to deny existence of zero, try to control nature…So clearly his guru had arrived at a conclusion by ignoring all these factors, as if they didn’t exist….this is probably how the euro-centric interpretation works… There are western religious scholars in Harvard who have issues with Zero, they call countries as fatherlands, Controlling nature is one of the passions ….. Therefore such interpretation was disturbing.

It is disturbing, because we are changing in a fundamental way… It is very easy to ignore traits identified as feminine. It is extremely difficult, and needs a lot of care to get these feminine culture beyond intellectualism…. The traits that are required by humans just as a kids require their mother.




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