Blue birds over Oxford

Blue birds :- There is a fine song in the linked article.  The description is moving…

There is a twist though. Once the expectation was for  yet another Spring in the village, far removed remove from Europe, like the past merchants, the ones from the city were supposed to return with a lot of money. In Between, A whole lot of Neheruvians, trained in the oxfords changed the plot, wealth indeed return, but it came with the bargain of new songs dedicated to Neherus and sycophants of empire, including criminals at national politics.

It is at these British institutions that plots to brutalize the Indian story were started, utilitarians used their initial trysts with understanding to predict the fate of colonies, to demonize  and to anglicize  them…Almost all others were party to it and joined the fun.  In the process many local songs have receded to a deep void, or rendered useless  with cacophony of linguistic nationalism . Many times the  songs were interpreted to be uncivilized, sometimes Neheruvians took that as stories of race and cruelty.

I wondered many times, why no english person from oxfords  objected to the Mills and Mueller type preoccupation. I had been once through London Airport… It didn’t have a Vegie breakfast available during a half an hour search…I wonder, did the empire ever bother to  had a veggie restaurant for people from the Jewel of the empire(It is not about the initiative of  Bangaladeshis  and Gujjus ). I don’t have good answers, people still think Max Mueller was a messiah in plotting assault on hinduism. it all seems so negative…Karma has caught up little bit with Oxford…They could have spoken a word when all the hindus from Pakisthan were cleansed.


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