People’s daily of Chennai – The CHindu.

Raman on the chinese mouth piece called Chindu – Raman calls it the People’s daily of Chennai.

Its editor in chief is a founding member of SFI. This mayn’t be incidental at all. The socialists are corrupt people, Not only the Neheruvian india, atleast one chinese in NPR thought corruption came to china with comrades. Just like conversion politics, socialist try to hold on to their own fascination of coming utopia, they try to justify their arrogance and false understanding. It is important for them have control over media.

I have stopped reading the CHindu since 2000s, they didn’t publish my letters. They pushed that dravidian racism … they openly published hate articles based on race…race stories clocked in history by JNU thugs and europeans. Asides daily hate sermons based on race, one funny aspect of this is that, no sane person can say the amount of reservations at different places in India and different conditions….For the socialists power brokers, Anything happens without consent of church of socialists is achieved by exploition.

I had to laugh , they moved the Washington office to china!!:- “12.Its Washington office was closed and shifted to Beijing indicating where its heart lay.”


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