Human experiences in Time

A quote from am article published in time magazine:

Of course, I am rather sensitive to all this because I, too, was born to a white mother and a black father, though I did not fully absorb this fact, which would have been so obvious to the outside world, until I was old enough to notice the world’s fascination–if not obsession–with it. To this day it is all but impossible for me to actually stop and think of my parents as white and black or to think of myself, therefore, as half and half. This is the dumb mathematics of thinking by race–dumb because race is used here as a kind of bullying truth that pushes aside the actual human experience.

Brother: when the marxists, national socialists assaulted India ( not the land, they have left that for Jehadis and Maoists to fight out), the NY Times got 2 marxists ( DN Jha, Patwardhan) and one anglicized nehruvian leftist (Pankaj Mishra ) to interpret India in terms of aryan dravidian race. It was like the experience from the above passage : actual experience of a civilization was bullied…the experience of a civilization was bullied by British utilatirians, missionary combined and it was recycled decades later…Time magazine once did an article on Yoga, but it didn’t connect to the ancients that the progressives were demonizing.

Would hundred years later, the present day terrorists, Maoists would say the man slaughterers stayed in India?

But that will be wrong… the right is here, ever  present, pleasant… Sri Rama.


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