On Race and the National Socialists

Internet search leads to more treasures or horrors on race.

A whole lot of this blog is debugging the race…because, it was clear that the post 2000 changes in India was due to theories of race…which the JNU dim-wits, converts don’t ackno0wledge. It is as if the so called modernity has its wall, on its fundamental construction… no body denies the race…the much touted multiculturalism is merely multiple races… it is not a denial. It has converted so many Indians into racial progressive theories.

Using race, these modern people attempted to destroy the eternal teachings…as was preserved by the hindus. They pay sociologists 20,000 rupees to read race, and the job of these sociology and anthropologists to target some people staying according to a traditional philosophy.

The Harvard indology professor who probably turned the debate around by rallying Academics in USA in favor of racial constructions through Aryan /Dravidian theories….is a GERMAN. The story of Mengele is scary. Mengele didn’t think jews were nuts or crippled. His belief in construction from fundamental parts, socialist vision of utopia and worse the deadly racial constructions has not been denied. The academics supported by European cultural pretension, some support from canada have pushed these dogmas as scientific and ration.

All those scientific and rational JNU dim-wit welfare economists, sociologists, anthropologists, historians and political scientists , their kolkatta comrades and Dravidian counterparts are scientific only by assumption on nature of science….

  • Why did Mengele think to isolate a specific body components and then fix the problems of German people for ever ? Was he working on ill understood ideas, made into sort of an doctrine in creation of national socialism ? ( Please note that Mengele was opposing only a different constructions of socialism, this is not enough to conclude the slaughter carried out by Marxist socialists, say the 10,000+ in Nepal is utopia ).
  • Isn’t bit odd that this criminal Mengele was not captured by the german govt ? So the Nazis in Brazil and probably in Canada do stay. I am not sure if the Harvard indology professor who played a key role in the Aryan theory being reimposed on India is a Nazi Sympathizer or a national socialist of some different kind.

I would edit these posts to present it in a better way, when I get some more time.


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