NY Times – It beats them all !

The British have been pro-islamic since later half of 19th century for imperial purposes. During this time, they have colluded to create islamic states where

  • more than 20% hindus from Bangladesh are cleansed, their property is branded as enemy property and looted.
  • In Pakisthan, it has literally been the land of pure – they have less than 1% hindus. Pakisthan was created by the Brits.
  • In Kashmir, around 300K pundits are driven out. What did BBC say when Paki based terrorists were cleansing the hindus from Kashmir ? – Pakisthan denies any role in it !

NY Times almost competes with British It says the kind of acts by the most dreaded yet devout man slaughter was acting liberally. some more images . more images on shutting down There is a link at end of each linked page that goes into more political details. One NY Times article like this has repercussion for years to come in lesser countries…

It is interesting that NY Times used two communists to portray hindus – it was all about racial warfare.


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