Kangaroo Courts

Australia seems to be different. I was reading about Dr Jayant Patel, who seems to be a national villain in Australia. There are not many good stories available to show the other side of the issue, which in itself a reflection of Australia. If Google gives infinite links on Dr Death, then Health Care in Australia and Can Jayant Patel get a free trial is one of the rare places to show the other side of the story. This news paper report got me to post this . For last two years, Patel has been in Oregaon…Australian premier goes there to flush him out, but thousands of analysis would mention how his where about is unknown. It seems Dr Patel has a good side too, just like the propaganda that he is a fugitive, it will be hard to find out his records, which can be considered good… and there are a quite a few of those attributes. He is called Dr Death. Most of that is based on the judgment of a Nurse…, who gives graphic pictures, that would scare even the Lakshar E Toiba to hell. She talks demons.  That Nurse is a hero in Australia.

The SMH folks go through all this, and still find out a ‘hope’ in Dr Patel… the headline above says Dr Patel’s hopes are dashed. It would some time to understand, why the SMH folks could imagine there to be a hope in Dr Patel.

What impressed me about Dr Patel ( compared to Dr Death) , is that he was given promotions in his hospital and has been rated highly where ever he has worked previously.  He is doing operations that is mind blowing…removing cancers, that would be probably among the top docs.  Inspite of these good qualities, he seems to assume things and poor at paper work…at a NY hospital he didn’t fill out some papers, or relied on others/ or assumed the patient condition/or was too sure about the patient. May be he is paying for these errors…But he has done 1200 complicated operations in Australia, and is charged with 3 fatal errors. To me that doesn’t sound as devious… [ On one day he did two mistakes as accused] May be he had some off days, and generally a lot of brilliant days.

The Australian media starts with 86 deaths. Now that he is charged with 3 deaths, they write “he was charged with 86 deaths in an initial commission” – and that Moris commission is pretty close to a taliban or a cult court, it was disbanded by the Australian supreme court half way. They would choose 18 to 86 or throw any number, would quickly jump from a NY incident, to 3/4 wrong cases in Oregaon…and then they find the Villain of Australia.

50 people die each day in Australia due to medical errors. Why these dirty politicians don’t charge a single of them in Man Slaughter ? Contrary to image of a modern and open society, does Australia has a bit of racist or whatever tendency? Whatever that answer is, I am pretty sure there are a lot of stupid uneducated people in Australia, who have a lot of money.


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  1. I am also one of the medico trained in Gujarat- a similar environment as (Dr) Patel’s training place. So I am aware about the underlying problem. I have one example. If Dr Patel would claim arrogantly that bacteria remains away from surgeon, while someone points to his mistake of not following the most basic and essential surgical ettiquette of sterilisation, it is not surprising that he would get the award of being “Dr Death”/ “Dr Devil” -carrier of infections.( Dr ) Jayant Patel can reply in this way at his hospital in Jamnagar or somewhere in Gujarat and nurses would believe in his such unscientific statements, but he should not expect similar reaction while being in Australia. Since it is a different culture and people have possibility to think individually.

    Further, problems are very much unlikely if any surgeon understands his/her own limits and explains pre-operatively about the risks for undergoing the surgery to the concerned persons. Surgeons usually avoid many high risk surgeries for own impression. Definitely the more high risk surgeries, the higher sugeon’s error rate and higher risk of complications. Therefore, in case patient and relatives provide written high risk consent after being informed in written, then only the surgery is undertaken. But in my guess, (Dr) Jayant Patel appears to be quite a notorious as surgeon, purely interested in taking patients at surgery without necessary formaties, ignoring the fact that patients are living beings and not the guineapigs. Ultimately he faces the consequences.

    With regard to your concerns about race problems, I would say Australian community is still much better than what Patels are doing in Gujarat. Caste based discrimination and atrocities by Patels to the rest of community in job recruitment, education and on many other aspects is a matter of shame. So rather than criticising Australia for racism, first look at the situation in own land.

    So it is good that (Dr) Patel has been brought under justice in Australia whether or not he deserves punishment, since it would control other Patels’ arrogance.

  2. Dear Anon Doc,
    Thanks for posting your comments. My response is based on the information I had collected while posting the above post:

    On sterilization and Geography:- The accusation of sterilization was from a conversation with a Nurse ( As I understood from the stories). This conversation was unpleasant. However:

    I don’t expect the Australian authorities to be as morons in matter of sterilization so as to give Dr Patel a free pass.

    I would expect Dr Patel learned sterilization in Kaiser as well as in NY school …I have read good opinions on Dr Patel’s surgery professor – And one would be disappointed if a prominent professor didn’t observe this. I am not a medical student, but a good professor wouldn’t have condoned lousy behavior in his subject. So unless Dr Patel is a psychopath, there is something wrong with sweeping generalization that dr Patel asserts “that bacteria remains away from surgeon” – Clearly he would understand better than that. I do.

    I would respect the Nurse to think individually, and challenge. But it would have been a good assurance , if there would have been little independent investigation by the newspapers, and both view points would have been presented properly. Or may be an independent inquiry by the hospital would have found this issue in greater detail, and to benefit of all. That Patel is from Jamnagar and therefore may be bad is a wrong direction…You almost mentioned that.

    Your response Paragraph-II – I do share your concern that the patients not to be treated as guineapigs. I can feel the pain of patients…I do, when doctors take a known person and inject anesthesia, take the sense of a human and cut away body parts…This is sublime and respectful in one way because it saves a life…and this is therefore sensitive too.

    However there is a description that Dr Patel actually was concerned and worked extra. Some describe this as an addiction to the operating table. The discussion could have been more informed. I think somebody who was removing cancers till yesterday, could be given a voice to clarify himself. It is not only me, I am sure, even the perceived victims would have started with this curiosity.

    I do respect you as a doctor who work on patients….but About the issue of Gujuus…devil Patels that you bring up…those are biased arguments. And then why should one Dr Patel pay for “other” jews …oops sorry…”other” Patel’s arrogance ?

    My opinion is based on media reports and perceived inconsistencies…I would have been glad if professional doctors would have come to conclusion on this issue.

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