20% Failure Rate in Aus- Patel at 1.5% is charged with man slaughter

This article Is one that is written with lot of information about – from Australian perspective.

Only The fourth line is Has the moral miasma of multiculturalism played a part in corrupting standards and confusing the issues? .

Multiculturalism is attacked here is not about a debate on culture…the points I would agree with. Instead the article attacks multiculturalism in the sense of use of Indian doctors… It seems a bit of phobia is what driving the Australian quest for their national villain From 2005. They have charged up to accuse a Doctor with 3 cases of death in surgical table ( out of 1200), of seriously ill patients. A Nurse, who probably was not in talking terms with the chief surgeon is their prime source of opinion.

A fine professor from Rochester [A renowned professor in whose name a medical center is named] is in suspicion , because the professor thought Patel is exceptional ( Of course – he was removing cancer). This doc has operated thousands of people since then… how could the recommendation of his teacher be held into account after 15 years ?

I am beginning to rethink over the Harbhajan Singh episode.

NY Times article: the person who chaired disciplinary committee in NY say Patel didn’t do any evil. “It wasn’t anything drastic,” Dr. William C. Heyden, who served on the hearing committee, said about the case. “He hadn’t done anything evil to anybody. He hadn’t killed anybody or anything.” Probably He neglected some routine work( Which this post doesn’t appreciate)… but then went on to become an asst professor and director of surgical education at Millard Fillmore Hospital. It means that, the standard description as in the AP news “First New York, then Oregon, and now Australia… bloody trail of mistakes” is wrong. There was no bloody trail in NY, which could be obvious from the reports.

; This article says Queens land is conservative…Makes more sense if the nurse was uncomfortable with Patel… and a chain smoker was appointed as the attorney, who made quite a circus ( Just that I shouldn’t complain about it, considering the widespread use of tobacco and liquor).

20% errors and infections This would give fare indication of what is going on in Australia or in medical profession … In Australia they have 20% failure rates. For Dr Jayant Patel, who worked longer, did more surgery, did complex ones…The Australian govt charges him at bellow 1.5% for 17 cases – that is even before Patel has refuted these charges on seriously sick patients . I am sure Patel will have other cases if the standard failure is at 20%…But it looks like bit of a cocktail of racism, a chain smoker attorney Moris with button on money and power, politics all have contributed for a man, who might have good intentions, to be charged in Man Slaughter.


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