Re- Discovery of India ( Rahul Gandhi)

Rahul Gandhi’s recent travel to the state has been illuminating. Many who disguise as Gandhians have been going ga-ga over it. Many gandhian and Neheruvian trusts feed these gandhians, so that they survive to compete for blessing of yet another new-born Gandhi.

I had bit education on the issue of discovery of India …why those poorly portrayed hardly interesting plots of Neheru’s book on discovery…. were so famous, when he discovered nothing !!

Rahul Gandhi comes from a whole lot of universities, helped by Neheruvian connections, but without any discovery. Then he goes to this village, where congress shows its expertise – They get some village folks with ordinary dress, and then put their leaders spanking white dresses besides them. The white dresses create a contrast which is distinctly visible. [ Somebody who can manage to show the dark-wit of Rahul Gandhi is going to bust his superiority…]

Then the news papers headlines, Rahul Discovers India, through poverty. This seemed  interesting. Obviously Rahul would identify with ambition, convenience, power politics and individualism of delhi, and in general the westernized aspects of India…he mayn’t go back on his modern personality to the simple, heartfelt, yet communal village life. What it then means, when this dim-wit Rahul Gandhi, discovers nothing less than India ?

This Discovery however could mean and only be significant if they found image that they were searching. An image of India from english books.. the snake charmers waiting to be liberated by the anglicized white man. Similarly, Neheru’s book on discovery of India, could probably explain something that Neheru was searching for. It is a definition of India that they were trying to validate … a definition that was created by the european missionaries and supremacists, to throw dart… on all the glories of this land where they created a racial history. The story of Indians in silicon valley therefore fought by many to be injected with “code-coolies”, how the efforts and success of so many educated people didn’t alleviate poverty of other fellows  (click to read danger of price increase when hungry gorillas  get to eat full plates ) , and how hindus are not SICKular enough to become brown saheebs and communists, remember the concerted effort by the humanity dept folks to show how India is not doing well, the academic objection to India rising….. The Independent Indians in silicon valley probably was not in the script of these Neheruvians searching to redefine India according to a eurocentrist story of racial fighting.

Eurocentric story and its predilection with progressive racial categories :- does it  explain why the Neo Gandhian servants were mentioning of early people , which is a distinct racial category in descriptions of history and sociology.

Some ego-maniac, demi-Mahatmas and Marxist professors like Romilla Thapper, DN Jha could really been aghast that the history subject that they taught in hundred thousands colleges, were actually not scientific…. at least by the standards of silicon valley ! That may explain their viciousness.

It may be rather late, but I would read the discovery of India again… to review if Neheru discovered just the way Rahul dicovers India !


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