The Dravidian Fascists

The British had picked up selected opportunists when their colonial rule strained…. A telgu opportunist by name Naicker(Periyar) was quite successful in Tamilnad, and managed to rule over the tamils. Naicker, An ego-maniac has a whole lot of things named after him and his kid(?) wife in TamilNadu. His Kid wife was less than half of his age when Naicker picked up a young girl in his old age. His followers say it is legal. However this was an old and powerful thug from whom young kids were not safe.

The Dravidian racism continues, Ignoring the grand Tamil culture, Karunanidhi thinks he is descendant of of a racial category of barbarians.

The picture below shows Dravidian fascism at work. The police ( It is not in Afganisthan) are removing criticism of one of the largest murderers in history.


Dravidian Fascism at work..

Below is an image on Aurangzeb’s force acting upon unarmed hindus. Karunanidhi’s racially indoctrinated police commissioner’s don’t have apptitude to to learn from images… .


a previous post on Aurangzeb and a link to Paki role


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