Dravidian Pervert Naicker Vs Aurangzeb

Ramasamy Naicker, one of the original dravidian racist clowns, could be compared like a dark cloud… It arrives with the wind of times (colonial institutions in this case) when rest all are battered and locked themselves. When it rains, the one’s hurt by it are the innocents and the ones who strayed beyond the ghetto of jungles into wide open. Naicker was good at showing his prowess to sannyasins of Kanchipuram, lecturing women, and he picked up a young girl to serve her at his old age.

Aurangzeb in contrast, could be tsunami… all hindus on its path were tortured. Being a devout Muslim, Aurangzeb’s followers actually calibrated the victories …and the cruelty was all in open…. Following paintings show Aurangzeb’s men at work.

Updt: Analysis on Paki role in converting Aurangzeb


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  1. […] It says the kind of acts by the most dreaded yet devout man slaughter was acting liberally. some more images . more images on shutting down There is a link at end of each linked page that goes into more […]

  2. Yup I’ve seen more pics from the FACT exhibition. The acts by Aurangazeb were abhorrent. But even more sinister is the acts by the ‘Nawab of Arcot’ who protested the display of these pictures in Chennai and got a few people arrested.
    He’s in the same league.

  3. I do not agree. I am a student of history and my analysis show that there were a number of Hindu Nobels in Aurangazeb’s court. This includes some of his trusted Rajput generals. Hindu army can not be part of a campaign to kill Hindus during a 50 year long period. Not to mention Aurangazeb also fought against other “Muslim” states….
    It is unlikely that it was a war of religions

    PS: I myself a Rajput.

  4. Dear Mona,
    Usually historical analysis have been political doctrines set metaphorically from London, and petty historians in JNUs have been searching to prove the theme among natives …tens of thousands of paper on racial aryan Dravidian mythical tourist exchanges ? History depts. are particularly notorious in peddling pseudo Marxist propaganda as some sort of logical conclusion. Was “Hindu Nobels in Aurangazeb’s court” an analysis or a statement from a text or record ?

    Aurangzeb is attributed to have destroyed tens of thousand of temple, including the sacred temples in Mathura, Varanasi etc…He killed his own brother Dara Shikoh, for his interest in in Hindu religion and the Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur was beheaded because he objected to Aurangzeb’s forced conversion. — Knowing the history depts, I am not surprised when you justify all these by saying that some Rajput generals were under moguls to save their fiefdom and sometimes benefit from the power equation.

    Lately some have been propagating idea from the fanatic Islamic strain of Aurangzeb as a Zinda pir. That’s why the exhibition can be stopped so easily in Chennai through police support….Our eminent historians have manufactured a story …seems to be a better apology than your…that Aurangzeb destroyed a Venaras temple to somebody from being raped…

    It is amazing the way these marxist historians worship the killers…and blame a lonely one who might have been slaughtered by this fanatic while guarding his temple…

    It is like Thapper’s so called “analysis” of secular attack on Somanath….that is Momd Ghourie was no wanton raged bigot…he was merely a humble secular docait …And see the blody hindu priests…they are not only rapists, but also hide wealth in the temple.

    At some point during the Ram Janmabhumi controversy , the leftists took away a title by Sitaram Goel on the North Indian temple destruction from libraries…With these type activities, political operatives, copied PhD thesis etc, The history depts. are sham…Analysis is to prove the doctrine of the empire to the natives…Get away from there.

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