Rahul Gandhi Banks On Racial Violence

The main congress/communist news paper of the state( it is being portrayed as Gandhian to unsuspecting public) has been publishing Rahul Gandhi stories in front page since last two days–First it was ‘Rahul is congress‘ – Why did these morons thought it objectionable when Priyanka’s daughter was portrayed as a future prime minister ? (It is not about the kid, it is about the dirty devil power hungry insepct who work so predictably, which includes gandhians).

Now Rahul visits the early( adima) people of the land. Those who know the details, this is a racial description, The ‘early‘ is a reference to stories floated by europeans, which is clearly about the imagery of sociological racial warfare. Colonial british and europeans decided it is fun to describe India in terms of a biblical race… and This early inhabitant could ominously be Rahul’s culture . The state didn’t have the memory of racial warfare, as conjured of by devious colonial hatredness.

Many Neo Gandhians are driven by their association to Kolkatta lawyers in pre-independence period. Kolkatta lawyers then made a good money, because the lagal process was expensive and was designed for the british, and then they became influential gandhian or pro-poor types!. These Gandhians seem to be perfectly in home, as far as modern and anglicized theories of racial warfare is concerned.


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