Gandhian Imposters Deliver Sensational Maoist Warning

The Gandhian news paper reminds ( smj-mar-6) in its front page that ‘Maoist neta(Neta- as in recognized and worthy leader leader with originality, not a goonda) described the attack on a city as a golden chapter’…and then the news paper describes a maoist press release as sensational ( cAnchalyakara).

And the sensational news is that the govt is indulged in industrialization, which is propagated by the leftists as having effect on the life of a racial category, called adivasi. ( The racial category is well understood by the colonial antalacist, the economy argument is by the communist.). The sensational news ( as our gandhian paper means) includes boasting of brutal killing of 3 jawans and recede of police, and how the police is misinforming that it has killed 30 maoist warriors. ( The police had recovered trucks of weapons that the attackers had taken from the police station, the left wing extremists were taking the body of their comrades away).

The sensational news (As the gandhian news paper concluded) includes an warning: “Inspite of knowing our identification, the BJD-BJP politicians, attacked our comrade, we fired blank..and were forced to kill them when they didn’t accept our warning
For the Gandhian mascots, this is not outright violence, they celebrate it as sensational…

And the warning : The maoists have been particularly brutal in their massacres… In another reported incident, they went to a village in evenings… Waited in a house by threating the women, until the house owner to returns…. then they drag him in front of his wife and kids… the leftist terrorists dragged that house owner into the darkness of night… leaving the shrill sound and emptiness of a world for the man’s family… his dead body was recovered from the edge of the village later… That person was a culprit because he had informed the police about maoist activities… later maoists blamed him for improper business practices...

edit: A link to simillar operations by Maoists… these are cold blooded devils , they get the people out cooly… and slaughter them like chicks.

Unbelievable… the gandhian news paper warns people of maoist threats… no consolation for those who resisted the attack… Is that how they massacred 12,000….in nepal and the world had no clue how they did it ?


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