Amartya thinks Bengalis ate too much !

In a world where Yasser Arafat gets nobel prize, Amartya sen gets one of that too!

Following is attributed to sen… Price increases when the bengalis are eating full plate instead of being starved… Amartya types would be uniquely devious people who would have sold poverty to achieve millions. Here he takes the subject away from economics, production, trading and the administration into creating still finer classes of gorillas…animals who availed food to fill “their part-filled bellies” when the result of such action is death and starving of their fellows .

““In a poor community take the poorest section, say the bottom 20 percent of the population and double the money income in half of that group, keeping the money income of the rest unchanged. In the short run prices will rise sharply since the lucky half of the poorest group will now fill their part-filled bellies. While this might affect the food consumption of other groups as well, the group that will be pushed towards starvation will be the remaining half of the poorest community, which will face higher prices with unchanged money income. Something of this nature happened in the economy of Bengal in 1943”.


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