Pnachayat Raj ( whatever that means)

Panchayat Raj is a jargon, which is semi cultural revolutionary. I had this post:-

That the village life has been destroyed by the politicians is known to all, except brown sahab brokers in stratosphere, who work on theories in foreign countries or paid a lot of money for managing the fraud theories of history and sociology in JNU ( see if they get good funds, then for historians…Aurangzeb is zinda pir, the aryans invaded dravidians, white skinned british however liberated… so on ).

My state govt has asked each of its branch offices in certain dept. to get 50 women. Thousands of women from all over the state would come for a rally, there will be food and and probably breakfast. The chief minister will deliver a speech to all these unfortunate women.. who would stand in hot sun to listen the message of the freaking CM. The CM is unmarried, so he is a rather good candidate to espouse women right… he would ignore the sons, husbands, daughters, fathers, mothers and such morons with which the women have been associated.

What I dislike is the use of govt employees for this propaganda. In a socialist state everybody goes for the head… women will not be allowed to choose for themselves, and news papers are not sufficient… so the higher officers direct the lower ones to get the women out….I would like to which dumb wit thought of creating rallies as a govt duty… or have some NGO bribed govt officers ?

I am so happy I avoided a govt job…. but they have increased the salaries recently…


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