‘ganatantra gyana Yagna’ – Baba !

Babaji has defined dharma – as the one that survives because of country — and the the dharma of country is democracy – therefore he traveled 29 districts to talk about judiciary, media, parliament etc [ subjects under political science] in guise of dharma and religious activities.

this kind of rhetoric that some how the drunkards controlling media, corrupted institutions, fake gandhian power brokers, ignorant politicians and tentative postulations of political science control the dharma through democracy is counter productive.

The judiciary, media, parliament are structures created by administrators to rule . They would be religious as much as the structure of the temple, political – as much as the palace of the king… The king’s palace doesn’t define power of the kingdom. Grandeur of institutions are captivating to some, say, like the brightly colored mango to the poet. For a wise man however, a mango is defined by its juice and taste.

Therefore, here it is obvious confusion when baba talks of dharma in general through structures. Such talk is more appropriate in part of the courtier.

[ A previous version of the post Mar-6-2008 has been edited to make the post focussed. The previous version contained a discussion on western attack on Indian religion and effective change in religious discourse to new structures …where logical discourse on religion was attempted to conforming western historical frame- concepts such as prophets – and final ones; powerful political institutions spreading tentacles into religion – concepts such as “One book” etc ]

Jai Sri Rama.

[ref- sj-04th-mar-mar-1- cityplus]


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