dalam is an unit of leftist terrorist unit – the unit comprises of 8-10 people. ‘Mar-1-smj’- humanist and gandhian news paper of a state attacked by maoists, termed this dalam as a armed military force of maoists. They didn’t use any derogatory words to describe this goondaism. [The gandhians power brokers and humanists are only good at insulting the Brahmins by instituting quotas like National socialists did in Germany.]

The politburo is is the head body of leftist organizations. Usually they have several organizations, and the media has managed for last 8 years not to question or inform about the people involved in these head quarters. [ There has been volunteer efforts to show that canadian leftists financed some of these, and there is a lot of noise about chinese agents… in short the communist international types. By virtue of being Gandhians, most of the power brokers wouldn’t inform who are involved in these politburos]. The politiburo has 14 permanent members and 6 temporary members. Would people like Dipankar Bhatacharya be head of these organizations ? In addition, they have regional bureau, state bureau, district bureau etc….


A big question is, in spite of the Chinese or canadian funds, how could these people establish the networks as deep … A close look indicates they exploited deep flaws of a socialist system just when India was getting out…

  • Socialists: The image these people were as if they were concerned about the farmers, rather than power brokers. The english media, obessed with theory and driven by imperial culture couldn’t expose these people. Ram Manohor Lohia… etc by themselves they might be good people, but there were millions of good people. They were important because of the support of international socialist formulations, but presented as messiahs and liberators. A whole lot of lethargic politicians called themselves socialists without knowing what it is. European socialist theoreticians managed to give socialism and identity, and the attraction of an acceptable identity, noise and power silenced these socialists into pro-Chinese  neo-communist activities.
  • Gandhians : These are a group of power brokers, who in a traditional society were respected like religious priests….But these power brokers mere front ends for creating a socialist narrative, they were used by Neheru and his imperial friends. They were almost dying, when the sickular progressives gave them a narrative of Mahatmahood… of supposed neutrality. The gandhians were temporarily declared Mahatmas and independents !

These Gandhian socialists justified the rational attack on Brahmins  as hope and morality… If imperialist culture attacked from right, the gandhians supplemented from the left flank. Unfortunately they won the war of public perception and converted entire castes to disown brahmins using a colonial racist biblical narrativeThis use of racist colonial narrative is like a clusture bomb in the attack on Bharat. To be honest, the Gandhian of 2000AD [ Which is a leftist, colonial agent of an earlier era] didn’t care about the narratives, as long as he progressed to be a Mahatma at any cost… to gain a lot of influence at any cost… [ The socialist Brahmin in high posts of JNU/American Universities refused to criticize the racist narratives of colonial period, even though he knew methods of european narratives. A remnant of socialist days, we respected certain history professor who was supposed to be great. After the dust settles, you find the professor was great just because he was paid great money and given great promotions for accepting racist anthropology, which is pretty close to modernity in India] This kind of converted entire castes… people educated in JNUs , probably to the extent of many NRIs behaved in caste lines[ KHAM=> Khyatriya…..] , and didn’t object the racial narrative as a mass. A whole population was disowning the Brahmins based on a racial narrative ? whoa ! The hindus will take a long time to recover from this treachery of Gandhians, corrupted wine drinking anglicized (supposedly)brahmins professors, who failed to disown the racial anglicized theories , and these power hungry caste leaders[KHAM]…….and the supposed Hindus may have degraded in the eyes of most elaborate philosophy  ever captured on earth – that is huinduism.

The naxalites are spoils of this war of narrative. The colonists, canadian , European imperialists, the chosen race of Bengalis created the narrative of racial warfare to redefine India… and violence/imposition of quotas are a necessity … Thus Chinese paid communists are at home when then inform the people that the maoist terrorism is a natural law of civilizational progress ! Gandhians have sold themselves to power… they can’t oppose this violence… Let god answer their call, and let white man give them more awards and recognition…


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