Trade and Rhetoric of poverty

The rhetoric of poverty ensures a quota in India… similar to one imposed by national socialists of germany against the Jews… during Hitlers rule. These are supported by leftists – global leftists – NY Times gets english looking Indians and communists to campaign for a racial India. Harvard professors take lead to redefine India according to imperial portrait.

But is this concern for poverty fake ? At least the USA population thinks it is . Clinton wins ohio primary, even though she was on defensive on NAFTA –  supposedly a big issue at a place where jobs are lost.

NAFTA : A trade agreement between neighboring countries. During presidential debates, Barack Obama, Supported by the left wing faction of democratic party made it a big issue – the American jobs getting lost. Shouldn’t the moderate left (distinguished from chinese agents of Delhi, who manage military leftist assault) be talking about Mexican poor helped by Nafta ?

Wondering, shouldn’t the left support the income generation in Mexico ?

Didn’t the left abuse the computer use in India in early days, and then brought up protectionist noises on computer program trading ?


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