Panchayat Raj Day

Mar-05 is Panchayat Raj day in this part of India, it is a holiday. It is not that there was a Panchayat ( An administrative community) that decided to have this holiday. In fact , one of the first tasks of the political parties has been to destroy the social community, and remake it in the image of British looking drunkyards and party going animals. Instead what we have is :- say Naxalites ( Communist international terror) – Which all the economists, chinese agents, canadian agents, body and skull measuring professors agree that, it is spontaneous and natural act of revolution on path to utopia.

The political parties have looted billions by way of corruption and appointment. They distribute these to capture the votes, and by attacking non political institutions. On this panchayat Raj day, One of my close relatives informed that an MLA is required to recommend his/her job transfer ….Do one has to request these drunkard and corrupted political agents ? Even these people are not directly approachable, unless one identifies with power or vote… so we have to approach through a secondary political broker…. It is quite horrible…. Until this Panchayat Raj day I thought I was independent of the politicians… but the political parties have spread wider net….


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