Communist law maker’s son is Naxal leader in Odisha!

What utopia can be achieved by removing beauty and peace with images of racial warfare , revolution and slavery to communist dictators and European imperial supremacy ?

When the colonists slandered india, they picked their target through a fable – The Brahmin was supposed to be an Aryan in war with the village and jungle. It seems that is what happened, people are picking of dirt and have sunk themselves to bloody images of racial warfare and revolution.

Sabyasachi Panda is a naxal leader in Odisha, he works as a divisional secy. He is born to a communist MLA, who had later joined the BJD. His father expired in 2004. Panda attacked the town center of his father’s constituency – Nayagarh…after being armed by hundreds of armed maoist criminals… most from Andra and hindi speaking areas.

None of his bullets misfired and hit him, Sabyasachi is alive after the attack.
The sunken theories of so called sickularism would have predicted Sabyasachi Panda to be an dravidian, or austr0-negroid-bastard at least... That he is son of an MLA is matter of worry to those who thought themselves as logical. It has been difficult to so called Gandhians and intellectuals to justify Sabyasachi.

But leftists seem to have been privileged since colonial times. They went to london and joined british leftists, who were the only ones to accept these brown folks.

Sabyasachi may have started with a small inferiority complex – to go to the height attained by the bengali intellectuals and to be as powerful as the the demigods – the Delhi power brokers…Sabyasachi may have been taught about the large British farms, songs of Shakes pear and the story of modern liberation .

However attacking his own beloved culture for his life, after attacking his own state to handover to communist international mafia, he wouldn’t find himself any better than where he started. One day a white man ( even if from canada) accompanied by a Bengali speaking master may praise his sacrifice. Call that internationalism, that in a way could be their counter revolution which they didn;t see.

Or else, one day he may find himself dead, like millions of potatoes in sacks analogy of that pretentious European thug – Carl Marx.
[ref- sj-24thfeb-mar-1- extrapges]


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