Naxal budget for 2007-2009 15 million USD

The budget for 2007-2009 year( is it 2008-2009?) for the naxalites is 15 million USD. This is informed by an arrested Naxalite Misir Besra.

More than 10 million USD is reserved for buying explosives… That is the politburo of this extremist organization would spend this money to attack on the cities, to finance smugglers in the sea etc etc… Some of this money will be spend on attacks on politicians, to consolidate control  over news…

Poor police believes that a lot of these  politburo extremists stay in the cities…yes, police is indeed poor. This is rather open secret… it is in the web that a canadian leftist organization financed the CPIML, a lot of Bengalis, some with beards are in the politburo…  [ Once the economic times had photographs of a couple of these CPIM people… and they had grown beards… as if they got converted… !  They were debating on political issues…. yes, they have deep contacts  in economic times too! You can find them in finance institutions  too – any place that has some power. All of them are not bengalis, but they accept that Bengali as the  appointed race for brown hindus by  the imperial white man of britain( not god).]

Unfortunately a lot of Non resident Indians disguise themselves as gandhians and work for these Naxalite  nonviolent movements. Some of these NRI morons are misusing the respect and facility they got from Bharat… They deserved to be fighting a Jehad in Afganisthan than studying english poetry.


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