Washington post and spontaneous combustion.

Reading this post brought some old memories…


This is about a train carrying pilgrims, returning from Ayodhya. The train had elderly ladies, kids…they were almost near their home cities in gujurat. Few Kilometers from Godhra station, the train stopped, few thousands of people surrounded the train, firebombed the compartments carrying pilgrims, and threw stones from outside so that people inside the compartment closes the windows…when a despotic fire burnt them to death.

Few thousands people surrounding the train, throwing stones that could take down teeth from a passenger in a hostile place… or create cracks in his/her head leaving to bleed until the next town…may be a scimitar would prove too strong for the ossified flesh of a passenger near window and pierce through it… the passengers closed the windows when the mob ensured that that the 70 some pilgrims in the train couldn’t get out to open….

For long hours until that evening, there was silence in news about who those gentle people could be, who were putting pudding on the fire that was roasting the pilgrims inside the compartment …This kind of violence was generally unheard of, except in Kashmir…

Justification: Before we could figure out who were those people, there was news such that the pilgrims ( they had ladies and kids in that compartment) were an immoral bunch, who kidnapped a girl from the previous station…

Justification : That the pilgrims didn’t pay for tea from the previous station…

One of these stories were attributed to a Gujurat journalist, a rediff columnist found that the attribution is wrong. Somebody had spread that canard. These justifications were in the muslim ‘brotherhood’ ( brotherhood which has espoused criminal methods to capture and retain power) webpages… somehow it was important for the jehadis to get this rape and non payment story out when all are roasted.

Washingtonpost.com had recruited an Indian born india american correspondent, who picked up that story of devious pilgrims…

The problem of justification was that it was too weird… 1000 people gathering in 10 minutes at a remote place, just because somebody didn’t pay money to a tea vendor ?

Then what about the kerosene and other stuff purchased from day before… And all that organization before the day ….

The chain pulling, and then the fight at entrance of a bogey, retreat of the pilgrims inside, outsiders entering through that opening etc… all became public, Magazines like India today gave details of unfortunate events leading to massacre of the pilgrims in Sabarmati.

But this is not accepted by a majority of the press… for them those 1000 people don’t exist other than to rescue a hypothetical girl, or to extract the 1 rupee for the tea vendor.

So, the UPA govt comes to power, they appoint a corrupted communist to probe this matter. When the probe was over, some news papers- liberal they may be- but published an one line column informing Sabarmati was firebombed by a cigarate ! Others concluded Sabaramati had pilgrims who committed suicide by roasting themselves…[They had some ridiculous conclusions from fire tests to quench the scientific desire of the sickular progressive cadres, caders who specialized in history or maoism or islamic way of cleansing population of their life for sake of purity]

Then what these mob were doing there early in the morning ? Were they manufacturing water from the stones, expecting stones and weapons will melt in the terrible fire and soothe the pilgrims burning inside the compartment ?

Those are not the questions…. You had to be an expert to know who were those people who firebombed Sabaramti pilgrims….

There have been books on how the pilgrims were devils…. written by Islamic and sickular scholars. Now washingtonpost – published from the most powerful place of politics- that endorses a spontaneous combusion theory. Spontaneous combustion of Sabaramati pilgrims is synonymous with devious hindu pilgrims, righteous mob, cigarate butt fire bombing Sabarmati etc etc theories.

So  who are those 1000 people mob ? Do we have another spontaneous gathering theory ? Where those 1000 mob and the kerosene used to burn the pilgrims arrived spontaneously ?


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