Rajeev Srinivasan

Will Durant was an historian , who has written a history series with 10 really big books. A person with that kind of literature survey might be a giant and famous one in his days, Here is a website http://www.willdurant.com, they may have more info. I had browsed his books in a library….though the first volume on India was missing.

That Durant could be a little known fraud was subject of a quest in an internet discussion board. The issue was that Durant had written something something positive and good on Bharata. Such independent good are intolerable for sickular progressives…They dislike Bharat could have an independent thought, not obeying the dictates of progressivism fixation. Supposing a thought existed in the mind of a villager, while he crossed a meadow in Indian in 1000AD, Seckular progressivism would require that thought to be

1) Irrational deviations from modernity,

2) or be described by its formulations of racial history,

3) or else the thought be secular progressive, dishing out imagery of serious racial violence, less than utopia.


A search revealed that MK Gandhi, RN Tagore etc had used quotes ( Atleast one each) from Durrants works in pre independence days. Atleast one book of Durrant is banned :


And this is not the first volume, I mentioned above missing from the library.

It is interesting that I found out the banned books of historical importance, because a sickular progressive was trying to belittle an unknown Will Durrant. But that shows the kind of search and destroy operation in which the so called progressives were/are indulged in. Finest thoughts weredragged in streets, if that stood on way of elusive sickular progressivism being declared as the final liberator.

During all this Rajeev Srinivasan has been an observer criticizing this new trend of imperialism. Rajeev could write good about his motherland, he could write good about India. The best I liked about Rajeev is that he refuted the progressive formulation that the world is only around 4000 years old, where history could be starting from 1000BCE for India ( For Talibans they started at 700CE). I think the progressives lose power to control the thought of their subjects, if the history of rational human universe extends another few thousands years.

Rajeev’s articles have a flow, it stands out ( Atleast for those who know the details) alone, fighting graciously on its own in hostile territories. I would like a section in this blog for his posts.

You are welcome to post a comment here, Rajeev. I will let you know the existence of this blog sometime.

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